Sunday, October 3, 2010

Update On Why I Haven't Updated :)

My life is so busy. I sometimes wonder how I even keep up but then I think God has a way of working things out. Here is an example of my busy days that some how work out!

Friday October 1st.
I got up at 6:45 Crap I over slept!
I rushed around making Devin his lunch for school, got three kids dressed and made them breakfast all while I thought I could bake a pan of brownies for my staff meeting that afternoon. WRONG! I shipped Devin off and realized the brownies had been baking for over an hour! And I thought I could multi task more then 4 things as once.

So then I rushed around to get myself dressed, and all 3 orders of bows together to send out to the mail together. At 9:15 my MIL arrives to watches the kids and I rush out to get my blood drawn for a Hep. B titer for work. I stop at the post office on my way back and take care of the mail. I get home and realize I need to feed the kids lunch and get myself ready for the staff meeting at 12:30. I end up doing a million other little things and switch the laundry over. Then I almost leave without the brownies!

Here is where it gets dicey. I was so busy that day I never really looked at the brownies. I get all settled in the meeting and about an hour into it I notice someone getting a brownie and it looked like she was having a hard time! Hmmm How bad are they I'm thinking. I walk over to get one and I see that out of the array of food sitting there, this is the only thing untouched. EXCEPT for the scrapped out spot that co worker had just made. I grab the knife and start cutting and pressing and nothing happened. They were freaking BURNT! I spent the last two hours of the meeting cringing at the thought of them sitting there. As soon as the meeting was over I grabbed them and dashed out of there so fast! I didn't want a sole to realize I brought them. I took them home and let my boys murder them. Atleast they thought they were yummy.

Lesson number 1,457:
Don't bake while you have kids to feed and clothe for the day!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And so it begins...

Summer is over and school has started! Today was Devin's first day of second grade. Where has the time gone? It's seems like only yesterday he was going into Kindergarten.

Here he is on his first day two years ago. He was so little and cute! I miss him being so little. :(

This morning started off like the two previous years. I got up packed his bag and lunch, even ironed his shirt! LOL. We were all full of excitement and ready to go twenty minutes early. That never happens around here.

This was taken this morning, just before we left for school. He's gotten big huh?

Mason had to have his picture taken too! He loves the camera!

Off he went!
When he returned home I asked him how it went and his reply was "I saw my friends and did paper work" Straight and to the point just like his dad. I read the letter from his teacher that I found in his bag. There will be home work on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year. Last it was once a week. We also have a good sized list of spelling words. I think 115? My hope is to stay on top of all them this year. At the end of last we seemed to fall behind a lot despite my best efforts. Next week we will be busy little bees with spelling and homework!
We will not get behind this year.... Ask me that next April tho. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Switching Things Up

Today Allen and I did something we've enjoyed doing together over the years. Usually Allen starts by saying "You know what I was thinking we should do today?" As soon as I hear this I say "which room and where are we going to put it?"

No! I know what your thinking! It's not sexual.... We are talking about rearranging furniture. I love the way a room feels new to me after everything is moved. Almost as if everything in it is new again. It also gets us to clean corners and tables and out from underneath everything in sight. Today we choose the bedroom. What was once lost is now found again. About ten pairs of socks, old toys and a baby bottle of curtled milk! EWWW!!! We always lose bottles but I hate finding them. SO GROSS!!!

Since I'm new to blogging and at the time I had no idea I would even start one I didn't take before pictures. I really wish I did. Now the bed isn't taking up the middle of the room and it's so much more open. Things aren't just lined up against the wall either. I can't wait to get a good nights sleep in there either!

It's really clean and basic. This is the view form the doorway. The dresser was where the bed was and the bed was on the wall to the left facing the windows. It's made a difference.
I haven't put a lot of effort into this room. I'm waiting for the day we buy a house. I have almost the whole thing planned out in my head. Our bedroom will be lavender and sage green. I want lots of pictures of flowers and nature. I also would like to find a big picture of a heart carved into a tree or something. While sweeping I mentioned it to Allen and I'm not sure he agrees with the color choice! Oh well. I'm going to decorate it just the way I want. I know he won't mind in the end.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here it is! My first blog!

This is my first of what I hope to be many! I'm so excited to Finally start a real blog!

What inspired me to start one? Well the last few weeks have left me feeling like the luckiest woman alive. Really I mean that. I'm blessed with two boys. Devin is seven and Mason is three. I'm also blessed with a baby girl, Kayla, who is fourteen months old. We also call her Lu Lu.
Last weekend my husband and I were remarried right in our back yard. That's right remarried. We fell in love in high school and have been together nine years. Two years ago we separated and found out that it's really easy to get divorced in Maine. LOL. Really, when your really mad and have nothing to fight about all you have to do is go file some paper work and show up to a few court dates. But in the end we have come to realize that what we have is special. We complete each other. So here we are remarried and ready to conquer the world together.

It was during our wedding day that I realized something. I'm 27, have three beautiful kids, and a husband. I have accomplished so much but really my life is just starting. There is still so much time and so much to do! What a journey it will be! I guess this blog is going to be my way of capturing every moment possible. Life is short and we should soak up what we can. By writing here I can share my life with you all and I can also look back and remember when...

So for now I leave you with a family photo of us at the wedding. Not the best photo of us all but it's so hard to capture all five of us perfectly!