Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here it is! My first blog!

This is my first of what I hope to be many! I'm so excited to Finally start a real blog!

What inspired me to start one? Well the last few weeks have left me feeling like the luckiest woman alive. Really I mean that. I'm blessed with two boys. Devin is seven and Mason is three. I'm also blessed with a baby girl, Kayla, who is fourteen months old. We also call her Lu Lu.
Last weekend my husband and I were remarried right in our back yard. That's right remarried. We fell in love in high school and have been together nine years. Two years ago we separated and found out that it's really easy to get divorced in Maine. LOL. Really, when your really mad and have nothing to fight about all you have to do is go file some paper work and show up to a few court dates. But in the end we have come to realize that what we have is special. We complete each other. So here we are remarried and ready to conquer the world together.

It was during our wedding day that I realized something. I'm 27, have three beautiful kids, and a husband. I have accomplished so much but really my life is just starting. There is still so much time and so much to do! What a journey it will be! I guess this blog is going to be my way of capturing every moment possible. Life is short and we should soak up what we can. By writing here I can share my life with you all and I can also look back and remember when...

So for now I leave you with a family photo of us at the wedding. Not the best photo of us all but it's so hard to capture all five of us perfectly!

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