Sunday, October 3, 2010

Update On Why I Haven't Updated :)

My life is so busy. I sometimes wonder how I even keep up but then I think God has a way of working things out. Here is an example of my busy days that some how work out!

Friday October 1st.
I got up at 6:45 Crap I over slept!
I rushed around making Devin his lunch for school, got three kids dressed and made them breakfast all while I thought I could bake a pan of brownies for my staff meeting that afternoon. WRONG! I shipped Devin off and realized the brownies had been baking for over an hour! And I thought I could multi task more then 4 things as once.

So then I rushed around to get myself dressed, and all 3 orders of bows together to send out to the mail together. At 9:15 my MIL arrives to watches the kids and I rush out to get my blood drawn for a Hep. B titer for work. I stop at the post office on my way back and take care of the mail. I get home and realize I need to feed the kids lunch and get myself ready for the staff meeting at 12:30. I end up doing a million other little things and switch the laundry over. Then I almost leave without the brownies!

Here is where it gets dicey. I was so busy that day I never really looked at the brownies. I get all settled in the meeting and about an hour into it I notice someone getting a brownie and it looked like she was having a hard time! Hmmm How bad are they I'm thinking. I walk over to get one and I see that out of the array of food sitting there, this is the only thing untouched. EXCEPT for the scrapped out spot that co worker had just made. I grab the knife and start cutting and pressing and nothing happened. They were freaking BURNT! I spent the last two hours of the meeting cringing at the thought of them sitting there. As soon as the meeting was over I grabbed them and dashed out of there so fast! I didn't want a sole to realize I brought them. I took them home and let my boys murder them. Atleast they thought they were yummy.

Lesson number 1,457:
Don't bake while you have kids to feed and clothe for the day!