Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And so it begins...

Summer is over and school has started! Today was Devin's first day of second grade. Where has the time gone? It's seems like only yesterday he was going into Kindergarten.

Here he is on his first day two years ago. He was so little and cute! I miss him being so little. :(

This morning started off like the two previous years. I got up packed his bag and lunch, even ironed his shirt! LOL. We were all full of excitement and ready to go twenty minutes early. That never happens around here.

This was taken this morning, just before we left for school. He's gotten big huh?

Mason had to have his picture taken too! He loves the camera!

Off he went!
When he returned home I asked him how it went and his reply was "I saw my friends and did paper work" Straight and to the point just like his dad. I read the letter from his teacher that I found in his bag. There will be home work on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year. Last it was once a week. We also have a good sized list of spelling words. I think 115? My hope is to stay on top of all them this year. At the end of last we seemed to fall behind a lot despite my best efforts. Next week we will be busy little bees with spelling and homework!
We will not get behind this year.... Ask me that next April tho. :)

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